The Only Commercial That ROCKS!

This Pepsi commercial is my personal favorite because of the fact that such iconic singers are featured here. They were Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias. Beyoncé, Pink, and Britney are gladiators that were supposed to fight with each other in the Roman Coliseum with a huge audience. They refused to fight and ended up singing We Will Rock You by Queen.  The crowd clapped, stomped and chanted with them. They were all looking so fine, especially Enrique Iglesias who’s character was the prince. Sadly, he didn’t sang as well.

I would definitely buy Pepsi because I would love to drink the same product as my favorite singers. It looked cold and refreshing that makes me want to freshen up and quench my thirst. The singers enjoyed the Pepsi which makes me think that the product tastes great. Pepsi used endorsement technique to target the people to patronize their products.



MAD by Ne-Yo

A teacher of mine told us to pick our favorite song with a music video and I chose the 2008 R&B song Mad by Ne-Yo.

The song I chose is obviously an old song but it still makes me sing and dance whenever I hear it on the radio or anywhere regardless of where I am. The song is catchy and was sang beautifully. Not only that, the lyrics and music video meant something to me.

This song portrays a couple who constantly argues with each other. It is a favorite of mine because it expresses what I feel when I argue with the people I love. I always want to make up with the person I had a fight with but never had the guts to apologize. I can relate to the author because the lyrics was about having a fight for so long, sometimes not even remembering what the fight was about, and just holding on to their pride. I admit that I am this kind of person. 

The song was written by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Ne-Yo himself. They narrated about how relationship quarrels go. They probably wrote this song when they were going through a difficult relationship. 

It is not easy for others to forgive. This is the reality the song was trying to construct. Some relationships always end in unsolved fights. It takes a long time before someone apologizes. There is no sense in winning a fight with your partner because, in reality, you actually loses beacuse you just hurted the one you love.

The song expressed the emotions a person may feel after a fight. It was written for those who cannot take it not being with the one they love but at the same time does nothing to fix the problem.

The video started in a middle of an argument of Ne-Yo and his girlfriend. He walked out of the house the same time when he saw a kid nearly hit by a car. He attempts to save the child and it was shown that someone was fatally hit. The video progressed to Ne-Yo singing beside his girlfriend who was crying. They weren’t talking and trying to fix the problem the whole time. At the end of the song, it was revealed that Ne-Yo was the one hit by the car. The music video made it looked like they were ignoring each other, when he was actually dead. His ghost was the one singing all along.

The music video added more meaning to the song itself. The setting was shot in black and white to show the sadness and dullness of the song. It had a plot twist at the end. It taught me that, as fast as possible, apologize before something bad happens. We may only feel regret in the end.

The Joe Schmo Show Review -Season 3


The show was about getting a guy to join a fake reality show composed with actors who play stereotypical roles. The real guy believed to be competing against a $100,000 and become a real bounty hunter, but little does he know that everything he entered into was fake. It was about trying to keep the real guy from figuring out the truth while simultaneously keeping the show interesting and hilarious with the craziest cast.

I believe that this will sell to the Philippine audience because Filipinos want something different. Filipinos wants drama, also the reason why PBB is a big hit, and are intrigued by how the real guy will react to the hired actors. Some also enjoy watching others get fooled by a one big lie. This will be something new to the Filipinos.

Some stereotypes included in the show were the ally, the black guy, the Asian, the model, and the celebrity. They made the show intriguing and kept the show close from reality.

Image result for the joe schmo show

I felt that the whole show was unethical. They were deceiving a real guy to gain viewers and they were showing foolish acts to keep the show humorous. The scenes when the model were confidently showing her pornographic album to everyone in the group and when the first challenge was to face off against each other with Tasers were some of the immoral parts of the show.

Using sex and violence is an easy way to get people to watch the show. SEX SELLS. Putting sex and violence creates humor that will keep the show interesting to watch.

To be honest, if given the chance, I wouldn’t continue watching the show because I find it disturbing especially to other parts of the show. It may be funny and interesting at first, but finishing the complete series will be a waste of time for me because I don’t really enjoy reality show dramas. I’d rather watch TV series with interesting story lines.



Did I get the message?

Candy Magazine Cover

This magazine cover obviously focuses to target the female teenagers. The cover is colorful which tells the readers that the content of the magazine are mostly cheerful and bright. It features Selena Gomez who is a famous celebrity that many female teenagers idolize during this time. Using her as the model for this magazine cover is a good way to attract teenagers to buy the magazine to be able to know more about the celebrity. There are also colorful headlines around the cover which gives us the preview of what the magazine contains. These headlines are the most intriguing news and much needed advice they can give. It is arranged in sizes depending on how interesting it will look to the readers.

R.E.M. – Imitation of Life

The lyrics of this song is surely hard to interpret. I think that what it’s trying to say is that we sometimes want to achieve things that turns out to be isn’t as good as what we thought it would be. Just like in the lines “Like a Friday fashion show teenager Freezing in the corner Trying to look like you don’t try”, I think that it meant that some people give their best to their dreams but still doesn’t get the happiness that were longing. It’s also about not being contented with what you have just like in the lines “You want the greatest thing The greatest thing since bread came sliced You’ve got it all You’ve got it sized”. At the same time, it’s about facing the challenges to achieve your dreams. It’s about telling yourself that nothing can bring you down and you are not afraid of anything because you are a beautiful sweet human being.

The music video of the song is truly creative that it is probably one of the best music videos I’ve ever watched. What made it awesome was that it was shot in only one camera angle of a birthday party. It was only a short clip that goes backward and forward then vice versa all throughout the song. It shows a big picture that only zooms in and out to every side of the picture to give details to each story. Not only that, another cool part of this music video was that some people were lip syncing the song. It was timed perfectly to look like they were singing the song while it was recorded.

I think that the meaning of the music video is that we don’t get to see every part of life and what everybody was doing. Everyone has their own story happening simultaneously. That’s just how life goes. The music video tried to put us in a position wherein we get to see the secrets and lifestyle of other people. Not everyone was doing the same thing and everybody was minding their own business. Even though they were at the same place at the same time, it was just like they were so close yet so far to each other. Life goes smoothly and uncontrollably and moments, that we either want to remember or forget, are made.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Movie Review


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a 2004 comedy film based on a true story. It showed how news was produced back in the ’70s. No doubt this movie is a box office and ranks as one of the funniest movies of all time because of its natural and remarkable humor.


The movie revolved around the famous narcissist Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) alongside his news team that consists of Brian Fantana (Paul rudd), Champ Kind (David Koechner), and Brick Tamland (Steve Carrell). Brian Fantana was portrayed as a bold man, Champ Kind was dirty-minded and wild, and Brick Tamland was good-hearted but retarded. The team was a perfect combination for this comedy film.

Noticeably, the movie showed that everyone was used to having men producing the news. It got interesting when a girl named Veronica Corningstone, who’s beautiful, talented and dedicated, blonde woman, was hired by the director of Ron as an anchor. Ron and Veronica dated but soon broke up when Ron thought that Veronica was only joking when she mentioned about wanting to be a lead anchor in their date. Ron was sexist and selfish that he didn’t want anyone being in his position, more particularly that it’s a woman. They were head-to-head wanting the other person down.


Men dominating the news industry is not the same as present because women are now being patronized and hired as news anchors. You can see in the movie that gender inequality and discrimination is present. Veronica represented the women community who are being disregarded and neglected back in the days. She tried to prove them wrong while maintaining her composure despite being surrounded by dirty-minded men as the movie progressed.

Sex was portrayed in the movie as something that is very important for men, stereotypical. It was pleasure men were very hungry about. There was a scene when Ron and Veronica had sex and there were no bodies touching but an animated place where Ron and Veronica were riding horses and having fun which described what they were feeling. Violence is also shown in the movie when different news team clash with each other on a battle scene where an arm was chopped off and bodies are lying on the ground. The scene symbolizes the rivalry between different news team that happens in real life. Animal cruelty was also displayed when a biker threw Ron’s dog off the bridge and into the sea as a revenge for Ron hitting and crashing him down while in the road. Lastly, alcohol is something the men didn’t forget in whatsoever the situation is such as when they are happy, sad, or angry.

The movie was a success that it became influential. The famous quotes “Well that escalated quickly”, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m kind of a big deal”, and “I’m in a glass case of emotion” are one of the memes you may always run into.


All in all, the movie became very hilarious with the violence, sex, alcohol, and other bad things added to it. Not denying, these things are what people are looking for. Being a woman, some jokes may be offensive but I understand that the movie only wanted to produce entertainment. Personally, I enjoyed the movie and I will definitely watch the Anchorman 2 soon.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Train to Busan Edition


Train to Busan is a Korean thriller film that became a massive hit when it was released. Watching the film gave us the rush of different emotions; we laughed, screamed, cried, got angry, got frustrated, and were moved. It is about a couple of passengers who fought to survive a zombie outbreak. Only a few made it to Busan, which proved that the possibility of surviving a zombie apocalypse is very slim. Here are some tips that may help increase your chances of survival:


  1. Zombies Can’t See When It’s Dark. Zombies tend to be blind when it’s dark. Knowing this information, you can survive by staying in dark places at all times. They will only rely on their hearing senses which you can use as an opportunity to save yourself by creating noises on the opposite side of where you are.


  1. Baseball Bat Is Useful As A Weapon. Baseball bats are made up of wood or sometimes metal. In the movie, it is their sole weapon. They used it to kill or knock out the zombies. When times get tough, don’t forget that baseball bats can be used as alternative for guns.


  1. Don’t Be Selfish and Make Friends. Having friends in situations like a zombie apocalypse may help you survive. It’s always better to have someone watching your back than being all alone. Don’t just think of yourself because during dreadful situations, friends will try to save you. Do not turn your back on others like the self-centered businessman who still died in the end. (Haha!)


  1. Be Ready to Run. You can never be certain that a place is safe. Always be ready to run because zombies are fast too. They will run as long as they can, even though their legs are broken or their ankles are twisted.

Tales from the Crypt: New Arrival Episode Review

“You know what they say: the morgue, the merrier!”


Tales From the Crypt is a horror-black comedy television series produced by HBO that ran for more than 7 years. It was based on the E.C. comics from the 1950s. Season 4 Episode 7 or New Arrival was said to be one of the best episodes of the whole series.

The episode tells about a psychiatrist, that wrote the once famous “The Art of Ignoring Your Child, who was about to lose his radio show to a rock DJ named Lothar. To prevent losing his job, he used his frequent caller Nora together with her disturbing daughter Felicity who often wears a mask as his publicity stunt to show that he can really help his patients. He personally visited them together with his boss Rona and his Producer Bonnie and this is when things get spooky. They found themselves in a house with electrified doorknobs, creepy ceiling fans, tight hallways and realized the horrifying secret of Nora and Felicity.


Nobody can deny that the storyline of the episode is outstanding. This is probably one of the reasons why it was voted as one of the best. It’s messed up and it’s not the typical horror film with the same plot. It was different and it got interesting each time. The episode was dark but at the same time was funny similar to the movie Beetlejuice. The cast were remarkable, especially Nora who was the mother of Felicity. Every scene were well-acted together with the impeccable camera work.


There were noticeable downsides of the episode, in my opinion. It was entertaining but it lacked in scare effect. It may be scary during their time considering it was aired during 90s wherein advanced technology was not yet present. This kind of film in the 21st century will not make it to the top. The sound effects were cringe worthy when it comes to the scary part. Some part were boring for me. It also didn’t end well than what I expected. I think that it was cut short and they should’ve added more to give us the idea whether the main character will live or will die.

Putting it altogether, the episode was unique from the previous horror films I’ve watched. Not being so hooked up in horror films, I find this insanely cool since I also love 90s films. There may be flaws in the episode but you know what Dr. Alan likes to say, “Ignore it, Ignore it, Ignore it”.