The Only Commercial That ROCKS!

This Pepsi commercial is my personal favorite because of the fact that such iconic singers are featured here. They were Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Pink, and Enrique Iglesias. Beyoncé, Pink, and Britney are gladiators that were supposed to fight with each other in the Roman Coliseum with a huge audience. They refused to fight and ended up singing We Will Rock You by Queen.  The crowd clapped, stomped and chanted with them. They were all looking so fine, especially Enrique Iglesias who’s character was the prince. Sadly, he didn’t sang as well.

I would definitely buy Pepsi because I would love to drink the same product as my favorite singers. It looked cold and refreshing that makes me want to freshen up and quench my thirst. The singers enjoyed the Pepsi which makes me think that the product tastes great. Pepsi used endorsement technique to target the people to patronize their products.



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