MAD by Ne-Yo

A teacher of mine told us to pick our favorite song with a music video and I chose the 2008 R&B song Mad by Ne-Yo.

The song I chose is obviously an old song but it still makes me sing and dance whenever I hear it on the radio or anywhere regardless of where I am. The song is catchy and was sang beautifully. Not only that, the lyrics and music video meant something to me.

This song portrays a couple who constantly argues with each other. It is a favorite of mine because it expresses what I feel when I argue with the people I love. I always want to make up with the person I had a fight with but never had the guts to apologize. I can relate to the author because the lyrics was about having a fight for so long, sometimes not even remembering what the fight was about, and just holding on to their pride. I admit that I am this kind of person. 

The song was written by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Ne-Yo himself. They narrated about how relationship quarrels go. They probably wrote this song when they were going through a difficult relationship. 

It is not easy for others to forgive. This is the reality the song was trying to construct. Some relationships always end in unsolved fights. It takes a long time before someone apologizes. There is no sense in winning a fight with your partner because, in reality, you actually loses beacuse you just hurted the one you love.

The song expressed the emotions a person may feel after a fight. It was written for those who cannot take it not being with the one they love but at the same time does nothing to fix the problem.

The video started in a middle of an argument of Ne-Yo and his girlfriend. He walked out of the house the same time when he saw a kid nearly hit by a car. He attempts to save the child and it was shown that someone was fatally hit. The video progressed to Ne-Yo singing beside his girlfriend who was crying. They weren’t talking and trying to fix the problem the whole time. At the end of the song, it was revealed that Ne-Yo was the one hit by the car. The music video made it looked like they were ignoring each other, when he was actually dead. His ghost was the one singing all along.

The music video added more meaning to the song itself. The setting was shot in black and white to show the sadness and dullness of the song. It had a plot twist at the end. It taught me that, as fast as possible, apologize before something bad happens. We may only feel regret in the end.


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