Did I get the message?

Candy Magazine Cover

This magazine cover obviously focuses to target the female teenagers. The cover is colorful which tells the readers that the content of the magazine are mostly cheerful and bright. It features Selena Gomez who is a famous celebrity that many female teenagers idolize during this time. Using her as the model for this magazine cover is a good way to attract teenagers to buy the magazine to be able to know more about the celebrity. There are also colorful headlines around the cover which gives us the preview of what the magazine contains. These headlines are the most intriguing news and much needed advice they can give. It is arranged in sizes depending on how interesting it will look to the readers.

R.E.M. – Imitation of Life

The lyrics of this song is surely hard to interpret. I think that what it’s trying to say is that we sometimes want to achieve things that turns out to be isn’t as good as what we thought it would be. Just like in the lines “Like a Friday fashion show teenager Freezing in the corner Trying to look like you don’t try”, I think that it meant that some people give their best to their dreams but still doesn’t get the happiness that were longing. It’s also about not being contented with what you have just like in the lines “You want the greatest thing The greatest thing since bread came sliced You’ve got it all You’ve got it sized”. At the same time, it’s about facing the challenges to achieve your dreams. It’s about telling yourself that nothing can bring you down and you are not afraid of anything because you are a beautiful sweet human being.

The music video of the song is truly creative that it is probably one of the best music videos I’ve ever watched. What made it awesome was that it was shot in only one camera angle of a birthday party. It was only a short clip that goes backward and forward then vice versa all throughout the song. It shows a big picture that only zooms in and out to every side of the picture to give details to each story. Not only that, another cool part of this music video was that some people were lip syncing the song. It was timed perfectly to look like they were singing the song while it was recorded.

I think that the meaning of the music video is that we don’t get to see every part of life and what everybody was doing. Everyone has their own story happening simultaneously. That’s just how life goes. The music video tried to put us in a position wherein we get to see the secrets and lifestyle of other people. Not everyone was doing the same thing and everybody was minding their own business. Even though they were at the same place at the same time, it was just like they were so close yet so far to each other. Life goes smoothly and uncontrollably and moments, that we either want to remember or forget, are made.


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