How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Train to Busan Edition


Train to Busan is a Korean thriller film that became a massive hit when it was released. Watching the film gave us the rush of different emotions; we laughed, screamed, cried, got angry, got frustrated, and were moved. It is about a couple of passengers who fought to survive a zombie outbreak. Only a few made it to Busan, which proved that the possibility of surviving a zombie apocalypse is very slim. Here are some tips that may help increase your chances of survival:


  1. Zombies Can’t See When It’s Dark. Zombies tend to be blind when it’s dark. Knowing this information, you can survive by staying in dark places at all times. They will only rely on their hearing senses which you can use as an opportunity to save yourself by creating noises on the opposite side of where you are.


  1. Baseball Bat Is Useful As A Weapon. Baseball bats are made up of wood or sometimes metal. In the movie, it is their sole weapon. They used it to kill or knock out the zombies. When times get tough, don’t forget that baseball bats can be used as alternative for guns.


  1. Don’t Be Selfish and Make Friends. Having friends in situations like a zombie apocalypse may help you survive. It’s always better to have someone watching your back than being all alone. Don’t just think of yourself because during dreadful situations, friends will try to save you. Do not turn your back on others like the self-centered businessman who still died in the end. (Haha!)


  1. Be Ready to Run. You can never be certain that a place is safe. Always be ready to run because zombies are fast too. They will run as long as they can, even though their legs are broken or their ankles are twisted.

Tales from the Crypt: New Arrival Episode Review

“You know what they say: the morgue, the merrier!”


Tales From the Crypt is a horror-black comedy television series produced by HBO that ran for more than 7 years. It was based on the E.C. comics from the 1950s. Season 4 Episode 7 or New Arrival was said to be one of the best episodes of the whole series.

The episode tells about a psychiatrist, that wrote the once famous “The Art of Ignoring Your Child, who was about to lose his radio show to a rock DJ named Lothar. To prevent losing his job, he used his frequent caller Nora together with her disturbing daughter Felicity who often wears a mask as his publicity stunt to show that he can really help his patients. He personally visited them together with his boss Rona and his Producer Bonnie and this is when things get spooky. They found themselves in a house with electrified doorknobs, creepy ceiling fans, tight hallways and realized the horrifying secret of Nora and Felicity.


Nobody can deny that the storyline of the episode is outstanding. This is probably one of the reasons why it was voted as one of the best. It’s messed up and it’s not the typical horror film with the same plot. It was different and it got interesting each time. The episode was dark but at the same time was funny similar to the movie Beetlejuice. The cast were remarkable, especially Nora who was the mother of Felicity. Every scene were well-acted together with the impeccable camera work.


There were noticeable downsides of the episode, in my opinion. It was entertaining but it lacked in scare effect. It may be scary during their time considering it was aired during 90s wherein advanced technology was not yet present. This kind of film in the 21st century will not make it to the top. The sound effects were cringe worthy when it comes to the scary part. Some part were boring for me. It also didn’t end well than what I expected. I think that it was cut short and they should’ve added more to give us the idea whether the main character will live or will die.

Putting it altogether, the episode was unique from the previous horror films I’ve watched. Not being so hooked up in horror films, I find this insanely cool since I also love 90s films. There may be flaws in the episode but you know what Dr. Alan likes to say, “Ignore it, Ignore it, Ignore it”.